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Your Partner for Large-Scale Industrial Metal Sawing

Houston Metal Sawing specialize in cutting oversized materials with our large sawing capacity of up to 60 inches. This capability allows us to provide solutions for clients with unique or challenging requirements, such as those in the aerospace, defense, or energy industries.

Our equipment includes heavy-duty band saws and a 25-ton crane, ensuring that we have the tools to handle even the largest and heaviest materials with ease. We also use a variety of blades to cut through different types of materials, from low carbon alloys to super exotic nickel-based alloys.

Our Capabilities

With more than 20 heavy-duty bandsaws and up to 60-inch capacity, the company has been helping customers cut a large variety of parts for more than a half century.

Houston Metal Sawing equipment ranges from fully automatic vertical band saw to large capacity horizontal machines. Houston Metal Sawing offer a fast and efficient solution to sub-contract metal cutting up to 25 tons.

From billet cutting of solid bar and tubes, through to plate sawing of material along with processing castings and forgings of different shapes and sizes, Houston Metal Sawing is your one stop shop for all your metal cutting requirements.

Aluminum and
Phosphor Bronzes

Aerospace and Heat-Resistant Metals

Matrix and Metal Composites


Your Project? Our Mission

At Houston Metal Sawing, we value our customers, and we’ll do what it takes to deliver exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

With our wealth of knowledge in metal cutting, be sure you have come to the right company to fulfil your sawing needs.

Please give us a call with your requirements – small or large batch quantities accepted and materials can be cut to customer drawing/specification whether this be general large sawing capacities, removing excess material, test cutting investigations to name a few.

We have a crane on site able to lift 25 tons, and 7.5 tons forklift for unloading, as well as ample space for customer material storage.

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Precision Cutting Specialist

Our sawing capabilities include a large range of metals, castings, plastics or molded parts. You can count on Houston Metal Sawing to deliver your parts on time and within budget.

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