Silicon Steel

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Silicon Steel Product Guide

Silicon steel is a kind of steel that consists of iron mixed with up to 3.2% silicon by weight. Silicon increases steel’s magnetic conductivity and electrical resistance (the opposite would be electrical conductivity). With this, the electrical resistance in irons may be increased by up to five times when silicon is added. This alteration reduces the eddy current losses of the alloy, which has an effect that is immediately felt in the magnetic core.

Cold-rolled-non-grain-oriented steel (CRNGO)

There is no particular pressing used to adjust the crystal orientation of this silicon steel product (this is the overall texture of the material). An isotropic material is produced from this jumble of unoriented grain (where magnetic properties are omnidirectional). This is the more cost-effective choice, and it is used in circumstances in which cost is prioritized above efficiency and in which the magnetic flux does not need to be kept constant. CRNGO is often found in electric motors and generators that have moving components.

Cold-rolled-grain-oriented steel (CRGO)

The magnetic flux in this silicon steel is steady and directed to the processing. The rolling procedure gave it a highly ordered crystal structure, which can be seen in its appearance. Cold-rolled strips with a thickness of less than 2mm are made from CRGO, which is provided in coil form. First, the coil is rolled out, and then it is cut into the desired shape. This process is repeated for both grain-oriented and non-grain-oriented laminated sheets. This is the motivation for the need of its workability.

IEC 404-8-4 (1986) EN 10106 (1995) AISI ASTM A677 (1989) JIS 2552 (1986) GOST 21427 0-75
250-35-A5 M250-35A M 15 36F145 35A250 2413
270-35-A5 M270-35A M 19 36F158 35A270 2412
300-35-A5 M300-35A M 22 36F168 35A300 2411
330-35-A5 M330-35A M 36 36F190
270-50-A5 M270-50A 50A270
290-50-A5 M290-50A M 15 47F168 50A290 2413
310-50-A5 M310-50A M 19 47F174 50A310 2412
330-50-A5 M330-50A M 27 47F190
350-50-A5 M350-50A M 36 47F205 50A350 2411
400-50-A5 M400-50A M 43 47F230 50A400 2312
470-50-A5 M470-50A 47F280 50A470 2311
530-50-A5 M530-50A M 45 47F305 2212
600-50-A5 M600-50A 50A600 2112
700-50-A5 M700-50A M 47 47F400 50A700
800-50-A5 M800-50A 47F450 50A800 2111
350-65-A5 M350-65A M 19 64F208
400-65-A5 M400-65A M 27 64F225
470-65-A5 M470-65A M 43 64F270
530-65-A5 M530-65A 2312
600-65-A5 M600-65A M 45 64F360 2212
700-65-A5 M700-65A 64F400 2211
800-65-A5 M800-65A 65A800 2112
M 47 64F500
1000-65-A5 M1000-65A 64F550 65A1000

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