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Gray Iron

Join Austin Zimmerman at Houston Metal Sawing as we address the challenges of sawing gray iron. This video highlights our process of making over 8,000 precise cuts on gray iron, known for its abrasive nature, similar to 4130 or 4140 chromoly. See how we utilize s Sawblade.com’s tools, notably the Q701 Superior M71 Bi-Metal Blade, to efficiently manage this demanding task.

Gray iron, often referred to as “cast iron,” has a distinct flake graphite structure. This unique composition grants it self-lubricating attributes, enhancing machinability. Its inherent damping capabilities suit it for machinery bases and automotive applications. While it may exhibit brittleness affecting its tensile strength, gray iron remains notable for its thermal conductivity, wear resistance, and superior compressive strength, making it a preferred material for components like vehicle brake discs.

Gray Iron

Cutting Specifications

190 feet / minute
5 to 7 in2 / minute
1 min 12 sec / cut 

  • Ground M71 tooth variable height
  • Hardness of HRC70
  • Can be used on all machines
  • Semi Synthetic Coolant
  • Formulated specifically for sawing
  • Lubricates and cools the Band Saw Blade
  • Stainless Steel Wire
  • Extend the life of your band saw blade
  • Used on all band saw machines
  • Replace the factory band saw blade guide assemblies with a precision carbide guide
  • Less wasted material, longer blade life
  • Thousands of replacement parts for Amada, Marvel, Doall, Hydmech, and HEM
  • Highest quality aftermarket parts

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Use the handy Speed and Feed Calculator on Sawblade.com to determine the correct blade speed and blade tooth pitch based on the material you are cutting.

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