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Magnesium Alloys

Magnesium Alloys Product Guide

Magnesium alloys are widely recognized as the lightest structural metals. And to enhance their physical qualities, they are composed of magnesium mixed with other elements. These elements include zirconium, manganese, zinc, rare earth metals, copper, aluminum, and silicon.

Table of Contents

Cast alloys

Cast alloys are often produced by pouring molten metal into a mold, where it then cools and solidifies into the desired form. This process is known as “casting.” Magnesium alloys often used in cast alloys include aluminum, manganese, and zinc in varying proportions, but not more than 10%. Also, zirconium and rare-earth metals have recently been employed as alloying elements, primarily for improving creep resistance. Aside from this, heat treatment enhances the mechanical qualities of cast alloys.

Wrought alloys

These alloys are made via mechanical works, such as rolling processes, extrusion, and forging to get the required form. In addition, some of the most important alloying elements include aluminum, zinc, and manganese. However, there are two types of wrought magnesium alloys: heat-treated and non-heat treatable.

Structural applications

Some structural applications of magnesium alloy may be found in many industrial, automotive, commercial, and aerospace applications. However, many typical reasons why magnesium alloy is used in this application include its high stiffness-to-weight ratios, castability, high strength-to-weight ratios, high strength-to-weight ratios, excellent damping, and machinability.

Industrial: high-speed operating machinery, such as textile machines

Automotive: support brackets for brakes and clutch, housing for the transmission

Commercial: computer housings, luggage, ladders, and hand tools.

Aerospace: gearbox housings, helicopter rotor fittings, and landing wheels.

Electronic applications

There are a variety of electronic applications that include mobile phone casings, hard drive arms, and portable media cases. However, magnesium alloys are replacing plastics because of their long lifespan, high strength, and low weight. They are also superior at dissipating heat and fending off electromagnetic and radio disturbances.

Medical applications

Magnesium alloys are ideal for lightweight medical equipment and wheelchairs that need to be easily transported. As a result of magnesium’s biocompatibility and absorbability, some magnesium alloys have the potential to be used in the manufacture of cardiovascular stents and orthopedic products.

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